Design of a new innovative job portal

OData support
Dr. Pohl László
Department of Electron Devices

During the recent global economic crisis numerous people lost their jobs. Today, the Internet lets to anyone the selection in many jobs however, to choose the appropriate one is a difficult task.. The job portal which is presented in this thesis tries to help solving this problem by it’s innovative solutions.

The web framework called symfony has been used to create the portal. After a short introduction the second chapter of this paper briefly introduces the framework, including its beneficial and detrimental properties, structure and gives instructions for the usage.

The third chapter details the tasks had to be solved during the implementation of the portal: the employee, employer and administrative functions, and highlights my work in the project. My work is presented in detail in the rest of the thesis.

The fourth chapter deals with the structure of the portal. It describes the considerations of the grouping of features, and presents how to create easily the multilingual user interface.

The schematic structure of the database, and also the problems and solutions encountered in the design are shown in the following section.

The rapid search in large amount of data is the topic of the sixth chapter. The Sphinx search engine operation and use is presented.

The following chapters present the different user roles and permission management, then the created dynamic content and menu manager plug-in is described.

After the presentation of the employer calendar, the e-mail sending is discussed that is the basic tool of the communication with users. The mass e-mail sending is detailed as an important question in the delivery of personalized newsletters as well.

The twelfth chapter provides an insight into the user interfaces.

The summary provides an overview of the performed work. It gives proposals for future developments and formulates consequences.


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