The Planning and Construction of the SCADA Centre Unit and RTU System of an Electrified Railway Line

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The topic of my diploma work is the renovation of a Bulgarian railway line, electrification and modernization project with the support of the European Union. This project consists the construction of a brand new Traffic Control Centre, Communications centre and Power Supply Dispatching Centre. The installed SCADA Centre and the RTU equipments were provided by Prolan Ltd. which can be found at the railway stations and at the transformer substations. As a trainee, I observed how an international project works with the cooperation of several subcontractors.

In the first part of my diploma work the SCADA centre is presented which helps the dispatchers in their daily work, the RTU system, and the operation of their main functions. The used equipments and RTU modules are also presented.

My tasks in the project are discussed in the second part of the diploma work. The local control panels found at the railway station are presented, their compilation and operation, and the performed tasks are reported. Finally the performed tests are discussed, which were applied during the installation.


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