Custom Social Services on SmartTV platform

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Internet- and application-enabled modern TV sets and set-top boxes („smart TVs”) are growing their market share rapidly. Smart TVs tend to focus on interactive online content, just like smartphones do. The custom applications running in the constantly improving environment make smart TVs truly versatile.

Both individuals and companies rely on online social services in many fields. The interpersonal information exchange and relationships are just as important in the life of science, education and even NGOs as they are in the popular online networks mainly used as a form of entertainment. The spread of location-aware, connected smartphones opens a new era of location-based content and services.

The massive trends mentioned above make the idea of spreading social services to smart TVs quite plausible. There is a market demand for real interactions with groups and individuals, not just content. The biggest players have recognized its importance, but there are still huge opportunities of social application development on the new platforms.

In my thesis, I elaborate smart TVs’ application in the social field through exploring the cooperation possibilities between smart TVs and the custom COPI social services. I provide an overview of the major platforms, the COPI services, and I prepare a prototype application of the select features for a smart TV platform.


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