Time management visualisation for individuals and teams

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In recent times, our fast-paced world has made it imperative that we manage our time sufficiently and assess how best to use available resources, in addition to ensuring that during projects requiring teamwork, every single member will be able to accurately report their performance. Furthermore, it is crucial for information regarding the tasks that have been completed and tasks yet to be executed to be comprehensible. Thus it is exceptionally important that we properly document our own schedules, including both preparing in advance and finalizing after the fact by adding the real timestamps, after which we must analyze the data continuously. An adequate tool for this is visualization. In my dissertation, I endeavor to utilize the best display techniques in order to convey the measurement data to the user as effectively as possible.

The aim of my thesis is to design and develop a web application which fulfills the criteria described above and consequently is capable of becoming a valuable program on the Hungarian market that can be used daily. Throughout the creation process of the application, I encountered technologies and tools that I have never used before, and so I gained the necessary knowledge starting from the basics.

In the first chapter I introduce why my upcoming system is so important and I mark my goals. In the second chapter I observe some of the current available time management applications’ functions. In the third chapter I present the design of my system. In the following chapter I describe the implementation and the opration. Finally I close the thesis with a summary of my results.


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