Development of an application expending online business opportunities for a private enterpise

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, similarly to the Western countries, it has become necessary for a small enterprise in Hungary too, to be present widely on the internet. A possibility for this attendance can be the social networking sites, but an own online surface could be more useful, where the storekeeper can sell his/her own products the way he/she wants. Furthermore, a user expectation has appeared, that the online shopping opportunities should not only work efficiently and ergonomically on personal computer, but also on tablet and mobile devices.

My task was to create a web application, that expands the online commercial opportunities of an existing small enterprise with a webshop. Through the development I was using the framework ASP.NET MVC 5, to which I was applying different additional technologies.

I begin my examination paper with a short introduction, in which I describe the status of the Hungarian E-commerce. After the short introduction I introduce the technologies used for the application. In the next chapter I describe the main steps of the development, like the planning of the use cases, the user interfaces and the database. Thereafter I review the implementation of the main functions of the complete webshop. I highlight the main steps of the implementation, my decisions and the major details of the code. Finally, I end my examination paper with the demonstration of the potential upgrades of the application.


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