Controllability study of some selected chemical reactions

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The aim of controlling chemical reactions is to maximize the amount of the target product and to minimize the amount of the by-products. In order to achieve this control objective we must know the conditions of controllability for given reactions and choices of input variables.

In my thesis I deal with controllability, specially with strong reachability of chemical reactions. The input is choosen as the change of the temperature. The dynamic of the reactions are nonlinear. In my analysis I determine the dimension of the Lie-algebra which is generated by the input vector fields and the vector fields of the system. Using this Lie-algebra I give conditions for controllability of the reactions. First, I determine the conditions for strong reachability in case of oximation reaction in acidic and in basic medium also. Then I give sufficient condition for systems contain reversible reaction step.

In the second part of the thesis I study motion planning of reactions. In my analysis I determine how we can plan input besides given motion in case of systems with special structures (serial reactions, parallel reactions and one step reactions).

Finally I present the simulation of the cloosed loop control in Matlab-Simulink.


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