Array power regulator with unified MPPT and CC/CV electronic control

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Dr. Szabó József
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Using space qualified energy sources on board a spacecraft imposes strict requirements for the power system of the satellite. Such requirements are the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of the solar panels and the constant current – constant voltage (CC/CV) charging profile of the batteries.

The Electrical Power Subsystem (EPS) of the ESA ESEO low earth orbit satellite is being developed by a university student team at BME. As a member of the student group my task is to develop the solar array power regulators and their MPPT control circuits. The complex control circuits of the solar array regulators control the input power by driving the solar panel to the appropriate power point. In that way they regulate the charge current of the battery according to CC/CV charging profile. In case of necessity the MPPT controllers drive the solar panels to their maximal power point.

The thesis introduces the most important requirements for the electrical power subsystem and the solar array power regulators. The main steps of the electrical circuit design are also discussed, as well as the architecture of the solar array simulator, which was built for testing the solar array power regulator. The presented test results show the performance of the developed breadboard model. The thesis concludes with a brief discussion of the next steps to be taken in the development.


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