SharePoint-based management of university projects

OData support
Dr. Charaf Hassan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Microsoft SharePoint is a popular web-based business collaboration tool developed by Microsoft. SharePoint provides a wide variety of features to meet the user requirements. In addition to the basic content management and document management functions, it allows the user to publish reports, cooperate with colleagues or create blogs. SharePoint also provides popular functions like social networking and tagging. But its most remarkable feature is that the web sites are fully customizable and new functionality can be added to them. This makes it possible to create custom SharePoint-based web applications.

My thesis aims to demonstrate the developing of a SharePoint-based application that allows the users to manage university projects. This includes registering projects and project members as well as managing the work hours and the payments. I also describe how can out-of-browser clients use SharePoint server's services. The extensibility is demonstrated by developing an Office client add-in.


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