Design of Single Phase Induction Motors

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My thesis’ main topic is the designing of four different split-phase induction machine, which

are used in the Grundfos TP pumps at Grundfos Manufacturing Ltd. In the introduction

Grundfos is introduced as one of the biggest pump manufacturing companies. After that

a brief summary of pumps considering the requirements of the driving electrical machines

is given.

After detailing the designing task and summarizing what kind of requirements have to be

fulfilled by these machines I collect the knowledge according to the design of a splitphase

induction machine. After these I summarize what considerations have to be taken into

account at Grundfos during designing to achieve a costruction that is easily manufactured,

and is economically beneficial.

Before the designing steps are discussed, I introduce Speed as one of the most important

tools that is used in the design practice at Grundfos. I collect the induction machine

equations used by this software.

The designing process is discussed in two main steps. First, sizing and calculating of the

machine based on analytical formulas that found in literature is shown. The second main

part is showing the steps that are done at the company based on existing machines. After

that calculation of one of the given machines based on the known formulas is done.

After that calculations based on the literature and with Speed are compared.

Finally measurements of the manufactured prototypes are compared to the calculations.


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