Design of a single board computer (SBC) for multimedia applications

OData support
Dr. Szabó Péter Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

My thesis describes the development of a single board computer with an ARM cored processor from creating the system design to preparing the artworks for the manufacturer. Designs like this are used in industrial applications, but also in everyday life in the form of smart phones. The computer's main purpose is to visualize multimedia contents and to support applications for it. The SBC is supplied with DDR2 memory and a card reader which supports SDMMC, so external flash memory can also be attached to the system. I designed a number of connection interfaces on the board to ease the communication with the environment.

Concurrently to the component selection I made pre-layout simulations with the Hyperlynx Simulation Software, which helps finding the mandatory constraints to form the right layout. Before creating the layout I made thorough research to choose the right technology and going through the application notes, which I have summarized in my thesis. Afterwards the design of the printed circuit board could begin, where I used the Cadence Allegro software.

The design - regarding to manufacturability - was a long process because I had to be intent on minimizing its size and dissipation as the biggest advantages of the single board computers. The completed design was gone through thermal and post-layout simulations, which had the advantage that it was done with the exact geometry. Its results are very close to real.


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