Unified documentation system for Flexnet development

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

My thesis topic is making an automatic documenting application, which helps the user to make the final software development documentation with the predetermined parts using like an installer wizard, preventing the kind of manual copying of the documentation. Using this method greatly eases the effective documentation of the distinctive projects.

The process of making thesis paper consists of three main parts. In the first section I describe today's prevailing technologies that are directly linked and applied in the software development. I emphasize those components that are essential in the development of each phase for a detailed description. In the second part I specify the requirements against the functionality of the application that I had to fulfill during the development procedure. After the mapping of the database structure, I have prepared the needed data models. Thereafter I am going to describe the application’s architectural synthesis and the process of the planning procedure of the particular sub-components. Eventually I anatomize the view of various functions against the predetermined requirements set by the application. I make the wizard more illustrative by some live images.

In the third part I have planned the test of the developed application. For the sake of proper operation I have analyzed the application using two testing methods. In the first method I have created so called unit testing procedures linked to the method of the application that eases the testing of the functionality of a given method, without having direct connection to the database. During the second method, I have verified that the implementation of the predetermined series of steps would produce similar results to the original expectations. After the evaluation of these methods I have derived the adequate conclusions.


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