Introducing microcontrollers into Lab tasks of subject ‘Digital electronics'

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Dr. Glöckner György
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of the project is to expand the "Digitális elektronika" subject of the Mechatronics faculty with the integration of microcontrollers. In the document the description of a few tasks can be found, as well as the laboratory syllabus in Hungarian language, example codes for each task, and the theoretical background. During the measurement, the students get a brief insight to the working method of the microcontrollers, e.g. analog – digital conversion, PWM signal generation, reading of inputs or interrupt handling.

For the tasks I was trying to use the already existing laboratory equipment, but from the missing devices I tried to estimate the cost of one measuring station.

The time limitation on preparation and the laboratory itself was taken into consideration, and also it was a goal, to try to create interesting and motivating tasks for the students. To accomplish this, no highly complicated task was given, and I was trying to extract the basics of microcontroller programming for them.


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