Design simple robot for multi-robot system

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Nagy Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Robot swarms are a new research area, that gets more and more attention nowadays, because it offers an alternative solution to shared workflow between robots. Robot swarms aim to eliminate the weak spots of the widely used hierarchical systems, by creating a structure, that does not need a centralized controller unit.

Building up a robot swarm hides many designing difficulties. Throughout my work I tried to look at these problems from a low-level perspective, from the level of the individual robots. For example, the communication between robots, the efficient configuration of robots, and the way a robot can receive tasks, while keeping in mind, that a swarm can contain up to hundreds, even thousands of units. All of these functions had to be solved with the simplest and cheapest way.

This document includes those hardware and software level solutions, I developed for the problems mentioned before. I paid extra attention for the communication.

Besides presenting my work, I also tried to provide a detailed description of the robot and its behavior. I tried to illustrate my thinking process, that gave guidelines for the creation of this robot.

It was not my only goal to successfully finish this project, it would be my great honor, if my fellow students, and other members of the university continued to improve the robot or used it for their own projects.


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