Design simple robot for multi-robot system

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Nagy Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During my thesis I introduce a communication protocol between a computer client application and a robot swarm. I summarize what type of technologies can be used to make a computer communication, furthermore I explain in detail why I have chosen the Protobuf serialization process developed by Google with open license from the emerging technologies.

In the rest of the thesis, I do the implementation of the selected protocol and show how to use it. I focus on the weaknesses and the deficiencies of the protocol and do literature research to find solutions to them. Moreover, I implement those solutions in my project.

In addition, I improve the software running on the robot which was implemented by a university student during his thesis project. I create a computer client application with the purpose of demonstration. With the client application the robot swarms can be controlled from a central computer. It is essential that the communication between the robots is different from the communication between the client app and the master robot, but this should not appear in the use of the protocol.

By the end of the project I create a functional and a fully complete system that can be used to test the communication protocol itself and to test the controlling of the swarm in real life.


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