Design of a simple sensor based home monitoring system's user interface

OData support
Dr. Pataki Béla József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Home monitoring is a great help in increasing quality of life, and keeping up the

health of distant relatives or friends, or detecting problems that occur in their homes.

These systems are based on different sensors that don’t intrude the private sphere. The

topic of my thesis is creating the user component for a sensor system designed for this


The sensors installed at the home of the supervised person provide metrics of

data, like measured temperature or humidity, detected movement or opened doors.

These sensors provide their measured values through the Message Queuing Telemetry

Transport (MQTT) protocol. The main goal of the user component is to process the

incoming data from sensors, categorize and interpret them, then, based on those data,

notify the supervisor by the rules set by them. For the user to be able to provide the

criteria of notifications in a user-friendly way, I have developed a graphic floor plan

editor for the software, in which the user is able to define and place rooms, doors,

obstacles, and sensors.

To be able to detect all kinds of user-defined events, I have designed a highly

configurable notification system built on the data collected from the sensors, which

even supports rules extending each other. In this system, events could be detected by the

diversely parametrized examination of the measured dataset, and the supervisor is

notified of the occurrence of such events in an electronic mail.


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