Control of a single-axis quadrocopter using myRIO

OData support
Dr. Stumpf Péter Pál
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of the final project is the comprehensive design of a single axis (one degree of freedom) quadrocopter, procure the building elements, building the structure, and then solving a closed loop speed control, and a closed loop angle control problem. I spend my summer internship at National Instruments, and they supported me a myRIO hardware device, so I could implement with this card the control problem, and the different measurement tasks. The aim of the final project furthermore to model in Matlab Simulink environment the above mentioned speed and angle controlling problems.

Designing the mechanical structure I tried to use standard parts in order make the connections, so I applied i.e. bearings, aluminum tubes, shaft supports, screws and screw nuts. Where the connections cannot be made out of standard parts, I designed completely unique parts, and I manufactured those using 3D printing technology.

All the signal inputs and outputs of the electronic parts of the system connects to the myRIO, the power input connects to the switching-mode laboratory power supply was set to 10 volts. The system has two inputs, inputs of the two BLDC motors, those can be control by PWM signal. The outputs are the speed if the two motors, which are the filtered line voltages of the motors, and the accelerometer and gyroscope data of the IMU sensor, which communicates on I2C protocol.

Both the open loop control, measurement, and closed loop control problems are implemented in LabVIEW environment, to the closed loop control I used PID controller can be found in LabVIEW Control and Simulation module. I implemented model tasks in Matlab Simulink environment.


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