Development of an e-commerce portal using the Spring web framework

OData support
Budai Péter István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Even though Java Enterprise Edition has gone through a rapid development over the past few years, using it without a framework is an extremely difficult task. Most of the source code of a web application usually consists of code that doesn't actually belong to the logical part of the application like creating and closing database access connections. Different JavaEE frameworks were created in order to get around this issue that address it from the developer point of view. Throughout the semester, I studied the Spring framework in depth which is an open source framework that operates with Plain Old Java Objects. One of the major advantages of Spring is that the developer can concentrate mostly on the business logic part of the coding while the infrastructural code is managed by the framework.

In my thesis I describe the Spring framework with its main components and modules followed by an overview of the steps of designing and creating an E-commerce portal in which customers can pay for a photo printing service. Then I guide the reader through the implementation of the web application with Spring Roo and Spring MVC in detail. Finally, I evaluate the project through a variety of aspects including testing and possible improvements.


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