Development of e-learning platform using GWT and JAVA

OData support
Dr. Charaf Hassan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The task realised in this thesis is the design and implementation of an electronic learning platform, the integration of learning modules, and providing widespread coverage of both teacher and student side of the teaching/learning process.

The goal was to create a modern, browser-enabled application which would prove to be a competitive alternative to the traditional, paper-based education system.

Whether it be basic, secondary or higher education, the finished product disencumbers every institution, modernises their method of teaching, and provides ease of access for students to the content supplied.

During implementation, a primary objective was set for the system to scale well, –since the number of future users is unknown- and also for it to be easily accessible from every browser, on every platform.

These criteria have led to the design of a multi-tier, modular application, based on the JAVA platform, providing broad client side coverage with the help of Google’s Web Toolkit.

The first part of the thesis deals with identifying and defining requirements, the selection of a proper system architecture, the decisions leading to this choice, and the technologies used, respectively.

The second big unit describes the implementation, faintly touches the matter of components and solutions supplied by third parties, analyses plug-in modules and covers the testing of the whole system.

At the end of this thesis we should get a detailed description of a complex, robust, multilayered application, which not only serves public interest, but could even stand a chance in turning a profit.


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