Analyzing the impact of the e-learning systems on the universities with BI

OData support
Dr. Pach Péter Pál
Department of Computer Science and Information Theory

Due to decreasing financial support of higher education it become harder for the institutions to manage the quality of their services. In my thesis, i am focusing on the subject that how modern collaborative technologies could help to overcome this situation. I proved through an example of a university that introducing a modern e-learning methodology can facilitate the homogenity of the results of the students, without introducing more resources in the chain and using the time and attention of the lecturer more efficiently. Further investigating the data made it possible to provide detailed recommendation, including possible prediction of the results, which could theoretically make the foundations of a scoring system of the students, which alike of the scoring system of banks, and insurance companies, categorizing their clients from the risk point of view. Students with high risk of fail could be identified, and handled with special individual treatment, to prevent their churn and help them to pass their exams.


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