Calibrator software development for electromagnetic flowmeter

OData support
Molnár Károly
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Presently there is an increasing demand for automation of industrial processes. My thesis addresses one of these demands, involing the calibration of a well-designed electromagnetic flowmeter. These types of flowmeters are widely used in areas covering food industry or chemical industry.

The earlier solution for this process included different manual steps to be carried out by an operator, who handles the devices. This method required attention, and more importantly, time.

The aim of my work here was to help the automatization of this process and achieve a system of which is working seemingly straightforward. The operator's intervention would only be needed on vital events and errors, which needs responses. This solution may be of great help for the manufacturer of these flowmeter devices.

The physical structure needed for this measurement and calibration has already been present in the form of a PLC, an Inverter, and the flowmeter itself, mostly the PC software needed improvements.

The convinient and efficient properties of Qt and the C++ programming language makes it well suitable for creating and designing solutions for such problems. Therefore I used Qt to design a GUI application, which tries to face the above-mentioned demands with the underlying drivers and calculations.


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