Electromagnetic simulation techniques in electronics technology

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Dr. Géczy Attila
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays, the computer aided engineering applications are getting more and more popular. These programs make planning and analysing easier for the users. A kind of these softwares are based on the multiphysics principle and use finite element analysis. During my BSc thesis work one of my tasks was to learn how to use one of this application, called ANSYS MAXWELL 15.0.

My thesis has two major part: First I gathered informations about printed circuit boards technologies, skin effect and finite element analysis. After that I made current density simulations on conductive traces with different geometric. I started simulations on 2D models, then I expanded them to 3D. With these analysis processes I illustrated the effects that affect the current density distribution inside the traces, like the geometry deformation during manufacturing and the skin effect. In my thesis I describe the structural realization of the model and the simulation process as well, then in the last part I summarize the results.

After my work I learned how to use ANSYS MAXWELL 15.0 analysis software and set up eddy current simulations. There is in my future plans to continue this subject with futher simulations.


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