Electric car charger development to public lighting network

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Dr. Balázs Gergely György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The aim of the thesis is to develop a general AC charger for electric cars with the capability of using the public lighting network as supply. The thesis is to examine the quantity of the extra wattage (performance) generated in the public lighting network which could be used for charging electric cars. The charger has to be sized, along with its parts, taking into consideration the possibilties given by the public lighting network.

In the first part of the thesis I will introduce the recent statement of the Hungarian Eletrotechnical Association on their examinations of the possibilies of installing charger posts.

In the second part I will discuss electric cars. I will give a brief description of their structure, operating principles, the most important differences between EVs and internal combustion enginees as well as of the standard charging methods. The charging times will be shown relative to the charging methods, the on-board power electronics will be also mentioned as the most limiting factor in the charging process.

In the third part I will give a survey on the public lighting network based on real data mainly collected personally by me. I will explain its specific operation features, the possibilities it offers and finally I will give a result for the maximum transferable performance.

The fouth and fifth parts specify the tasks of the charging equipment. Furthermore, I will present two constructions suitable for charging. I will explain how they work and I will also give the reasons for choosing the given elements. Finally, I will give a simple cost calculation, finishing my thesis with some thoughts on electric shock protection.


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