Analyzing of electric cars charging methods and a three-phase charger development

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Dr. Balázs Gergely György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Today, the electric cars have lots of possibilities. The new models of the large car manufacturers appear one after the other. However, the spread of this cars have limits, thanks to their short range, the poorly charging infrastructure and the high prices. However – considering the current processes – the outlook is very positive.

After the introduction, in the second part of my thesis I analyze the situation of electric cars. I review the most important stages of their history, examine their place in the world and in Hungary, and finally study the possibilities of their future.

Because of my thesis focused on the charging of electric vehicles, in the third part I start to dealing with this. I describe the relevant standards, the charging modes, and the various plug types, which cause chaos sometimes. In the end of this section, I explain the charging process in more detail.

In order to design an EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), I have to know the components, so in the fourth part, I do this. I look the market of e-mobility controllers and examine, how the most important devices work. Such a complex system like this, the possibilities are endless, so I cannot explain everything.

In the last part I design my EVSE. I select the necessary components from the catalogs, and I show the results of my work in a block diagram. The concept will not be realized in practice, so I have no chance to check and evaluate the results.


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