Control software for e-vehicle drive

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Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis is connecting to the BME-motion project established by Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The scope of the project team was to design and build an electric racing car. The prototype of the future two permanent magnet synchronous machines, which planned to be built into the rear wheel hub created but the previous version of supplier voltage-fed inverter was not adequate to drive it. Therefore, during this semester, a newer hardware will be created which also requires fresh software system.

My task was to design and test this new system. As a starting point, the Code Composer Studio project was used which was developed for Applied Electronics Laboratory Measurements. Originally, inverter supply was provided by the pilot system, delivered by the Code Composer Project, for an asynchronous motor. I started with the system analysis and after required adjustments, and changes, I was able to establish field oriented controlled electrical driving for synchronous motors.

The software has been imported into the processor, which will connect to the next generation interface in the car. Since the interface has not been delivered yet therefore, under the umbrella of this thesis, the testing exercise has been done on FPGA based real-time testing platform, simulator (HIL).

In this document, beside of the introduction of created software system, the thesis also focuses on academic background of such driving systems.


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