Planning process of electronic vehicle powertrain testing methods and audit running parameters

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Dr. Németh Pál
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays the environmental protection and awareness plays even more important role in all side of the life. In order the reduce emissions and increase the air quality in metropolises the engines in the automotive industry will be changed from internal combustion engines to alternative powertrain. It is now being developed a pure electric driven vehicle by Audi. The operational method, the production technology and the quality assurance analysis of these electric engines show significant differences to the usual ones. I had a chance during my practice to be a member of the team who has planned and developed the testing equipment for electric engine. My role was to define measurement method of this equipment.

In my thesis I give an insight into the history and importance of the battery-driven electric vehicle. I give a view into the production technology of the engines which are developed by Audi and going to be produced in Győr-factory, I will also highlight the differences between serial and prototype production. I figure-out the known issues and their detection in the manufacturing process. I give briefing about the planning of the test bench and I’ll explain methods how to qualify the electric engines.

I’ve worked out proposals for the control and measurement hardware for technical analysis. I compared different test benches based on their specification in order to support purchasing.

Due to the defined analysis methods the qualification of the engine is proved (its status can be like OK, scrap or for rework) Finally I summarize my work and show perspective for further development opportunities.


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