Development of low floor bus' electric wheelchair ramp into a separate unit

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The purpose of this thesis was to develop a previously designed basic mechanic construction into a complete mechatronical unit.

The design I made for evopro Bus kft. as my BSc final project is a main concept of such an electrically operated wheelchair ramp, which – in contrast with all the commercially available ones- fits all the technical and financial requirements set up by the company, while it is not just an integrated subsystem of the bus, but an independently marketable product.

My task was to assemble a testable version based on the previous design, and to solve the occurring mechanical problems, -even if the modification of the parts is necessary- and to design and program its electric control circuit. The main purpose of these was to make it possible for the ramp to only require the power supply and the signal cables of optional environment (e. g. a vehicle).

In the first part of my work, after presenting the initial construction and the causes and solutions of the assembling problems, I suggested some ways for their subsequent elimination. Following that I presented the design and the control of the operating electrical system which makes the ramp capable of working in many vehicle environment.


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