Electrical driving for race gokart

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Robert Bosch GmbH started a competition called Go-Kart, Go-Bosch! 3 years ago. The main goal of this tournament for university students is to create teams which can build and develop go-karts. These vehicles have to meet the requirements of the modern automotive industry, and the teams have to implement the modern safety, and comfort functions. The competition is more and more complex from year to year. The tasks include among others the automated steering, the electrionic brake, localization and the start/stop system. Modern functions have to be implemented through these components, which can be found in the modern high-end cars as standard accessories or these can be expected in the near future to come out to the market. Functions like that, is for example the automated parking system, automated steering, adaptive cruise control, etc.

The Robert Bosch GmbH decided this year to make their own Reference Go-kart, which is able to implement all the above mentioned functions. During the Reference Go-kart project I am working on the automated steering in a team of 8 engineer student.

In the Referenc Go-kart project my task is to design the automated steering system for the vehicle, which is capable of driving the go-kart on low speed independetly of the driver, if the driver turns on a function which is connected to the automated steering. But if the driver takes back the control of the vehicle, the automated steering has to be disconnected phisically from the steering-gear, because there has to be no resistance in the system coming from the automated steering.

During the implementation of the automated steering I had to select the sensors and actuators, which are suitable for the power steering. I’ve designed an ECU for the integration of the sensors, and controlling the actuators. The ECU must be able to realize the automated steering function and communication with the central control unit.

After the implementation of the software, I made tests for checking that the function can be build in the go-kart, and the function are executable in any condition safely.


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