Establishing Documentation System for Electric Inspection Waste Products

OData support
Dr. Molnár László Milán
Department of Electronics Technology

My task was to systematize data from electric inspection of waste products, and introducing documentation rules in Infineon Cegléd Company. Because of the hard accessible data, my aim was to create a database, and to refresh the documentation system. I worked specific on the structure of the database, and gave professional guidelines to develop the software.

Infineon Company in Cegléd is specialized in high power modules which contain IGBT and diode semiconductor components. That is why I introduced the main types of power semiconductor devices at first. To be able to get a comprehensive view about the working process of the company, about inner communication system, I came to know the process flow of one selected type of Infineon products. My thesis project contains the detailed description of the module and of the progress too. When the production of a module come to an end (after the end test), the wasted items will be taken to the quality lab for electric inspection. After the introduction of the current situation, the second part of the thesis project contains the working process of the establishing the new system.

My project consisted of coherent parts, these are: definition problems, search needs with the help of a survey, recommendation of new solutions, refresh data recording, give guidelines to correct program, run tests, future tasks.

I could reach my aim, because the enlarged database and the better program made the quality coordinators task integrated and quicker. After my thesis project my further tasks are to complete database with new options and run even more tests, in this way engineers will be capable to reach relevant informations more quickly.


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