Design options of electronics production lines

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Hajdu István
Department of Electronics Technology

My thesis deals with the structure of various SMT production lines with different performance and with the construction possibilities of them.

This document reviews the construction efforts of production lines manufacturers in recent years. It pays special attention to the actual tasks of increasing the efficiency of the production lines, including the further requirements arising from miniaturization and production information technology, the ability of manufacturing of the electronic components with the size code 01005 and the MES tools of the production management.

I selected 35 devices from the reviewed equipments from the following production areas: solder paste applicators (stencil and screen printers), SMT pick&place machines, reflow soldering ovens, selective soldering machines, conveyors, storage and buffer devices, component storage and conditioning cabinets, cleaning equipment, PCB cutting and marking equipments and inspection (monitoring) devices.

During the selection process, I paid attention to select also from devices suitable for high-capacity in-line production and also from equipments of companies with average production capacity and small capacity or prototype production as well.

After all I organized the selected devices into tables according to the aspects of their advantageous application. Because using these tables, the various production lines can be easily assembled by everyone. For example following the tables can be assembled a line with a specified fixed profile or one with a flexible profile, where the capacity can be adjusted with the device settings or an other production line, which is capable of producing of various product variants.


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