Development of a PPS solution for electronic products

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowdays even for small and medium-size companies at the hardware sector are worth considering to install a manufacturing support system. With the use of such system, the emplyees could trace more easier the inner proccesses, the supply-levels, the enterprise datas, therefore the users receive a more solid and transparent operation.

This thesis work’s main topic and goal to implement a manufacturing support system, which defined in the task-definition above, for a small hardware company specilialized in small electric device manufacturing and assembling.

Based on the task definition I created the requiremtns for the software, which was used the create the software’s systemplan.

The result of the thesis work is a SQL database embedded into a .NET enviroment, which satisfies the main goals and requiremnt of the task-definition. The datas, which are used by the software’s proccesses, are stored in the SQL database, which database was implemented with MySQL Workbench. The user interface and the functions of the program are implemented within the .NET Framework.

The functional testing of the solution was performed during develpment, the execution type of testing is manual. The executed testcases is goint to be described at the end of the thesis.


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