Electronic Battery Sensor ASIC simulator development

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Because the use of vehicles became a very important part of our everyday life, the prevention of typical vehicle-faults became a more significant task. Considerable amount of vehicle-faults are related to the battery, this created the need of a device that can assess the condition of the battery. The Robert Bosch Ltd. therefore developed the Electric Battery Sensor (EBS), which sends information for the central body computer about the present and estimated future state of the battery. According to the condition of the battery the body computer can make the necessary decisions in order to preserve the stable operation of the vehicle.

The EBS is a continuously developed embedded system, which must meet the reliability requirements of vehicles, which determine a certain level of fault tolerance of the system. In order to fulfill these requirements the software and hardware must be tested for internal and external faults. The reproduction of hardware failures which effect the software, is a difficult or almost impossible task in office conditions. However a computer simulator is the perfect tool for these kind of tests, because in a simulator the execution of the software is easily trackable and it provides many possibilities to reproduce faults. The topic of the thesis is the implementation of a simulator, which makes possible the execution of tests aiming the software of the EBS peripherals, in order to help the development process.


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