Application of digital signatures in mobile environment

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the world of increasingly wide-spread mobile platforms the implementation of trust and security services is mandatory, for instance, in the case of on-line trade. The SDX product suite of E-Group zrt. provides such a solution based on the .NET platform that offers digital signing and verification of signatures. The goal is to initiate the platform-independent implementation of these solution starting with a XAdES-T signer application for the Android platform. The XAdES-T document extends the XML based XMLDSIG document in order to create advanced electronic signatures.

First of all, the degree work elaborates on the method of choosing the best target mobile platform for the task. This consists of clarifying the properties that this platform should have, the comparison of the different options and finally the justification behind the choice made. This is followed by presenting the necessary technical knowledge involving general cryptography topics, Java based cryptography solutions and Android platform development fundamentals.

The second part of the work consists of the Java implementation of the cryptography core based on the XAdES standards and the SDX solutions. This core creates XAdES-T digital signatures. The core is then embedded in an Android service that – considering the core API – any other application can make use of. The loose coupling of the client and cryptography server components is thus achieved. Finally this solution is tested with a simple Android application.


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