Creating a document management solution at an insurance company with open-source applications

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

My aim is to map and understand the document management systems and, on the grounds of it, choose the one that is the most appropiate for me. The main goal is to understand in details the chosen system and try to improve its functions.

In my essay I give a brief overview about the importance of document management systems and the pros of open-source softwares. In addition, I make a full review on the uses of the Alfresco document management system and its virtues. I also specify the most important traits of the technologies theat I used during my duties.

One of my tasks was to understand the basic functions of Alfresco as well as create and implement new ones into the system. These were to propose and generate documentum models and forms, to integrate and visualize the Audit tool (tracebility), to configurate and use corporate repositories via LDAP, to implement two different ways to upload documents and to develop a script.

At the end I resume my experiencies and opinion about the system, analise my expectations on its functionality and how it can handle a big number of document upload. Besides, I define some ways to improve the system.


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