Design of electronic ballast for compact fluorescent lamp

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Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

During the months of the semester I’ve designed a high efficiency electrical ballast for a 20W spiral compact fluorescent lamp.

In the beginning of the semester I’ve made a complete research on the theme of lighting, I’ve recognized the basic functions of the fluorescent lamps and the compact fluorescent lamps. After this, I’ve investigated the ballasts used for the fluorescent lamps and I’ve chosen the series resonant half bridge topology for my design, because it is an exlusive application in european market.

I’ve started the design with measuring the 20W fluorescent lamp parameters for checking the values given by the manufacturer. The measurements proved the fitting of the given parameters for the fluorescent lamp.

After the measurements I’ve started doing the neccessary calculations for choosing the components of each main functional part of the ballast. In some case I’ve used PSpice to simulate the function of the designed electronic circuit.

Based on the calculations, I created the full schematic of the electrical ballast and I realized it on a PCB.

The final step of my work was to arrange measurements on my electonic device regarding to the input and output electrical parameters of it. I’ve examined the efficiency, the power factor, the lamp current and lamp voltage, the symmetry of the transistor collector currents, the ignition voltage, ignition time and many other eletrical parameters of the designed ballast.


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