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Vajk Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The rapid development of information technology continuously redefines the market for electronic devices. A few years ago desktop PCs were considered an essential utility in solving day to day tasks, but by now tablets of a size no greater than a notebook have taken their place. Due to tablets mobility these devices have become a substitute for written media of all lengths.

Electronic books are available from countless different sources, and can be read on tablets with the help of different applications. However users frequently encounter issues due to the difference of file formats, such as problems during display. An application, that enables both obtaining and reading e-books, hence ensuring that users only find e-books that can be entirely displayed on their tablets, can address the issue.

My task was to develop a cloud-based application, which is able to function as a book search service for such application, processing the database of online available libraries. The service has been created by using the class libraries offered by .NET Framework and Windows Azure Platform.

In the first part of my thesis, I present one representative of international and one representative of national electronic libraries available online. I discuss the particularities regarding publishing, as well as feasibilities of machine-processing.

The next section I brief review of the technology required, with their advantages and disadvantages, then I describe the details of planning and implementation analyzing the used technologies.

In the last part I prove that the completed service can process the data of electronic sources and with the help of index structure built from this, it is able to complete the requests with the appropriate speed.


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