Design of software components of an electronic scale

OData support
Dr. Orosz György
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The thesis presents the design of the software components of an electronic scale. The mechanical structure of the scale was complete, and I wasn’t be able to modify it. The measuring system consists of an ADSP BF-537 Digital Signal Processor (DSP), manufactured by Analog Devices. My task was to improving and developing the next version of system.

The development had two main directions: the first goal was the design of software interfaces of a display device (LCD), and the second goal was the development, implementation and test of a fast and accurate method, which can predict the weight of the measured object with minimal mistake.

I have tested several predicting methods such as the simple averaging, weighted averaging, exponential averaging and system identification. I have implemented the best one on the DSP. I have presented the basic concept of every method, and after that, the results of measurements can be seen. The simulations were created by an interactive environment, the Matlab.


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