Implementation of electronic batch sheet in MES system

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis I have worked on the development of a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system. The most important task of these systems is to manage the manufacturing processes, but in many cases these processes cannot be completely tracked. In addition to that, nowadays the main focus for companies are to increase cost-effectiveness and reduce the duration of manufacturing processes to low level. To solve these issues the implementation of an automated data service that is provided by electronic records is required. With these records the manufacturing process can be logged, verified or even monitored in this data service.

The batch sheet is an electronic document that contains the phases of the manufacturing process identified with bar codes. It also involves the most important information about the manufacture for the operator. The tracking of the manufacturing processes is done by scanning the bar codes with Radio Frequency (RF) terminals.

In my thesis I introduce how I implement the development of a MES system, that is used in the pharmaceutical industry to solve the issue I mentioned above. I explain my technical solutions in detail and finally present the test results and validation of the finished software.


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