Reproducibility of electronprobe microanalysis and X-ray fluorescent spectroscopy

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Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

Physical basic and theoretical background study of scanning electron microscopy, x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and their comparison. The similarities and differencesaredemonstratedaswellastheapplication area of theseequipments. Twoscanningelectronmicroscope (Zeiss EVO MA 10 – FEI Inspect S 50) and two x-ray fluorescence spectroscope (Fischer XDV – SD – SpectroMidex M) arecomparedinaspect of technical specifications.

Afterlearningtheusage of scanningelectronmicroscope, elementalcomposition analysiswere made withtwoequipment. Interpretation and organization of themeasuredresults. Planning of experiment series and hypothesis testing forthemeasurements made onsame IC pins. Reasultsareevaluatedwithstatistical software, averagesareanalysed, the mean expected values are ascertained in 95% confidence interval. The reason of the dissonantvaluesaredetected and thesevaluesweretaken out of thesamples. Determination of thedifferencesbetweenthetwoequipmentwiththehelp of two-sample t-test. Definition of measurement reproducibility and practical accuracy.


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