Application of layer deposition by electrospinning on QCM sensor surfaces

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Dr. Ender Ferenc
Department of Electron Devices

In my thesis I was examining the compatibility of the QCM measuring method and the electrospinning layer deposition technology. During the research my aim is to ascertain if it is possible to increase the sensitivity of the QCM sensors by using electrospinning technology in case of biosensor applications. First I employed two types of coating material by using electrospinning method - the PVA-gelatine polymer mixture and the PVA-chitosan polymer mixture - on QCM sensors manufactured and developed by MicroVacuum Ltd. After that, I observed the effects of flowing fluids on the deposited layer in microfluidic environment by using the QCM-I measuring unit manufactured and provided by MicroVacuum Ltd. I examined the possible correlation between the measured resonance frequency curve and the dissolution of the previously applied layer.

I started my research by getting to know the QCM method and the electrospinning layer deposition technology. This part was followed by learning the manual of the Spraybase electrospinning kit, and then I acquired the usage of the product.


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