Analysis of requirements in the field of the electrostatics damages

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

To continue my BSc studies I am aimed the electrostatics subject during my MSc. In the electrostatics standardization there are continuous reforms during these few years. This standardization takes place in international, and also in national level. Before Hungary joined to European Union we had to harmonises our standards and laws with the European normative so we don’t have to apply the standards. In this thesis I am going to compare the old MSZ 16040 [4] standard with the new localized MSZ EN 60079 [2],[3] standard series. I will display the differences between the old 28/2011 [7] decree and the new 54/2014 [6] decree. Connected to the new 54/2014 decree I am also show the Fire Protection Technical Guideline (known as in Hungary TvMI [5] related paragraphs. I am going to make a risk calculation model which could be acceptable to handle the gap in decree provided. I am going to test my model with my own design examples. The purpose of these examples to find the borders of my method. Last but not least I am going to make proposal for the passible way of developments.


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