Development of electrostatic demonstrations

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The electrostatic charges and discharges occur very often in the industrial environment. They can made a hazardous area in numerous way, and they can make a damage to property too. During my work I studied the Hungarian MSZ 16040 standard, and the other Hungarian 16041 standards and the international IEC 60079-14 standard, and the international IEC 60079-31 technical specification too. In my opinion the Hungarian standards was not enough for me becouse they do not explain the processes so deatiled like the international standard and technical specification. In this work I used also my TDK exercise, what I made in 2013, and the theme was Charges and Discharges in industry. In my TDK exercise I wrote down an experiment what can be a valuable part of my current work. I complete my TDK exercise with an other experiment, and I write down the main thoughts of tutorial for the workers in the explosive atmospheres. In my current work I would also mention the differences between the Hungarian and International standard, and technical specification too.


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