Protection against electrostatic discharges

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering


The dangers of electrostatic charge and discharge are becoming more and more important nowadays as the intensity of the materials and technologies used has increased significantly. On the other hand, the sensitivity of electronic components has also increased due to miniaturization. Therefore, the protection against electrostatic hazards is a particularly topical problem.

This MSc thesis was performed to summarise the effects of electrostatic discharges on both sensitive electronic parts and electro explosive devices, also the effects of electrostatic discharges on explosive atmospheres (solids, liquids, gases and powders) were perfumed, it also contains the protection and precautions against their hazardous and harmful effects. The preventing methods against the harmful effects of ESD are discussed and evaluated, the methods to prevent against ESD, i.e. using antistatic additives, grounding of conductors and ionizers or by controlling environmental conditions, such as; humidity, parting velocity and resistivity. Laboratory measurements of ESD protective items were made to measure the resistance and resistivity (point to point and point to ground) of different items; footwear, floorcoverings, mats and floors, the result were illustrated and evaluated, the measurements were done according to the 11standards of The International Electro technical Commission (IEC).


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