Design of a battery powered GPS tracker

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Fehér Gábor
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

With the recent development of the modern technology, the need and possibility of tracking the possessed values and properties become a general issue for most of the people. In case of outdoor tracking, the GPS system can provide information of the location of device with sufficient precision. The data of position is being generated in the GPS receiver, and it must be sent to a center. Before sending, the information is being processed and only the valuable ones will be forwarded after filtering. In case of successful transmission and reception, the user is getting the information of the proper position of tracker by using his receiver device. In case of long-range application, the 868 MHz ISM band is the most beneficial for information transmission. Such a complex system has a significant advantage over all the other commercially available trackers in not using telecommunication network, therefore does not have post-paid service.

In my thesis I will represent the structure and operation of the GPS system in details. I will describe the rules of the 868 MHz ISM-band in the European Union, and the long-range radio technology. I will talk about the designing and materializing of the electrical circuit, I will represent the chosen parts with their key features. Finally I will describe the results of the measurements with the active device.


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