Application of life data analysis in the ageing power system

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The continuous high quality energy service is both the supplier’s and the costumer’s interest. The reliability of energy supply in Hungary is close to the average reliability in Europe. The transmission and distribution grid are operated in line with the current best practices. The spread of electrical energy was a long process. The assets and the power plants have been installed continuously, with some peaks; therefore most of the assets in Hungary and in the modern world reached their design life. However, most of them remain in operation because of the efforts of designers, operators and the refurbishment processes.

It is possible that high number of assets will fail in the future because of the above circumstances. There will be intervals when the system operators must spend more money on replacement than before. In order to meet the changing regulatory conditions, the suppliers transform their operation and business politics. The available budget of the refurbishments and investments is decreasing. Therefore it is important to manage better their assets and estimate the future cost due to replacements.

In my study a short overview is presented about life data analysis through some example from different fields of science. Furthermore, the necessary mathematical apparatus is summarized. The possible application of life data analysis for the power system components is investigated and the accidental problems are discussed.

The basis of the analysis is the application of the past replacement data. The data requirements of the different methods are discussed in terms of data quantity and quality. It can be said that recording the failures and replacements was not a priority for utilities in the past. Therefore the past failure and replacement data is incomplete or insufficient. In my study different methods have been presented to overcome these difficulties with expert knowledge and experience.


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