Ambient assisted living system for people with severe disabilities

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Dr. Mészáros Tamás Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The aim of this paper is to design a system, which can help people who need medial care. The system makes it possible for them to interact with their environment, facilitates the work of caring people, by monitoring the health status of the person under surveillance.

I performed studies in the technical literature, with the purpose to discover the abilities of similar systems. I identified the strengths and weeknesses of these systems. I surveyed the range of available medical sensors, and examined the possibilities of using an EEG neural interface to control mobile phones.

Based on the research and the available devices I designed the structure of a system, which achives the intended goals. The implemented system is able to control some applications on a mobile phone by a neural interface, it gathers the signals of built-in sensors of the smartphone, and provides a general query interface. Various features can be built based on this interface.

I set up several situations to test the performance of the system, which cover all the important aspects, and I executed them. The results confirmed that the system is well functioning, but further improvements are needed to increase the reliability of the system, and implement new functions.


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