Analysis of Rotational Sensors

OData support
Nagy Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today sensors play an increasing part in both security and comfort systems in the automotive industry, and with the emergence and spread of self-driving cars their significance is expected to grow continually in the forthcoming years and decades. These security systems include acceleration and yaw-rate sensors, which are virtually installed in every new car these days. For instance, ESP systems, airbag ECUs and adaptive cruise control systems process the information supplied by these sensors. In addition sensors play a considerable role in the positioning of self-driving cars.

In my thesis I will analyse how inertial sensors react to mechanical, measurement technique and temperature effects. An analysis toolbox has been developed to facilitate sensor analysis. In my thesis I will present history of MEMS fabrication, the general working principal of inertial sensors (including gyroscope and accelerometer part of them), the toolbox developed in MATLAB and the sensor behaviour studied with the application of this toolbox.


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