Developing automatized test process for supply chain management software in SAP cloud

OData support
Beluzsár János
Department of Electronics Technology

My task was to create automated tests for the Key Performance Indicator module of SAP IBP. The architecture of the system is service oriented, and my tests were focused on the most basic services: create, read and delete. I had to learn about how the system works and what its parameters are. After this, I learned about many method, which can be used to create more efficient automated tests. All of these are going to be introduced. These methods were very useful in creating input data for my tests, and to reduce the necessary number of tests. Some time after I explored the program, that I used to create, and improve my tests. This program was the SOAPUI. With this tool I created the prototype, that I was using to create my test cases. I had to create input data for my test cases, because of the diversity, that is needed, when one is creating automated tests. This input data is created by another program, named PICT. I had to develop a code,whuch was given to this program. After this the program generated many test cases. With this data I created my tests using SOAPUI. Finally after finishing the tests I used an application to run them automatically.


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