Creating a simulation solution for the beer game supporting supply chain management

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

During the making of my thesis I had to deep dive into the basics of supply chain, it’s tasks, roles and the procedure of supply chain management. For this I needed quality information from different sources. After I got the theoretical knowledge, I examined the supply chain in practice. To do this, I used a standard company solution for supply chain management through it’s SAP system

After understanding the basics of supply chain process and it’s management, I started to look into the so called Beer Distribution game, developed especially for education purposes. When I got to an understanding, I designed and created my own version of the game in Java. I let users play the game to collect some data and to understand general behavior. The game also could run based on predetermined data loaded from files.

At last I created a sort of intelligent robot, which could calculate the orders based on the flow of the game. This robot could reach and in some scenarios it could even exceed the effectiveness of average players.


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