Modelling the Behavior of the Enemy in Unity Based Tank Game

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Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

A significant part of researches in the field of artificial intelligence, can be connected to game development, in order to entertain gamers with smart, real player imitating enemies. Fortunately, based on real-life experiences, gamers are used to lower their expectations playing against an NPC (Non-player character).

Despite that, we have to provide them as fast and diverse challenges as we can, to give them the need to evolve. This is why sometimes creating a single-player game can be a harder task, than building a multi-player one. For these reasons, we can say, that the game industry became the key driver of artificial intelligence.

This paper gives a detailed overview of how I created an enemy, to an existing tank game, made with the Unity Engine. I describe the algorithms used to create the enemy, and present the defining of the requirements, the planning of the software, and the implementation phase too. I tell you how could I react to the changes made in the base game. I show the advantages and disadvantages of the solution and give ideas, where it could be further improved.


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