Developing the embedded system of a real life escape the room game

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Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

It was widespread recently, that whilst the virtual reality and digital world got bigger and bigger place, someone wanted to translate a segment of the virtual world into a real world.

A popular form of it is the so called escape room. That worked as a computer game, where the goal for the players was to get free of a flat, room or a building. But this was not easy. He had to get the key, map or any other needed equipment to escape by all sorts of logical way. In addition to the "active" room kept in hiding continuous surprises. The player couldn't know what was in store for him when he had turned on the TV or for example sit on a chair. He couldn't know either what held an him behind the next door or how could he go on to the next round at all.

Nowadays this game is turned into reality by more and more people, by setting up interactive rooms. My task is to control a similar building in which there are four playrooms and one directional room.

In my essay I am writing about constructing the control of the rooms. During my work I have chosen microcontrollers, I have planned and partly put into practice the communication of digital structures with each other, I have examined the ways of controlling digitally the high voltaged equipment, then I have planned and built an electric circuit suitable to this.

I have planned the digital hardware which controls the rooms, I have got to know the PCB, and the Altium Designer programme. I have made simulations about some analog electrical parts. I have got to know the ways of infra sensing, too, and I have prepared an electric circuit which is able to process the signs of a remote control.

During my work I have obtained knowledge on electric installations, although there is not mentioned too much of it in the dissertation.

Till the deadline of the thesis are not all of the controller software or circuit modules done, but I have acquired all the knowledge which is a part of it, and with the help of this I can easily work it out later on. In my dissertation I besides mention the opportunities of further development, as regards the arising necessary modifications.

I did my work for the Escape Houses Kft., and its aim is to set up and operate an escape room.


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